PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — This year’s State of the City address opened the door to many conversations about growth and innovation in the City of Peoria.

“This means a lot of real jobs, head of household, good working positions,” said Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis.

One of the topics city leaders honed in on Tuesday morning is the Peoria-based company – Natural Fiber Welding. The company focuses on manufacturing new technology with products that change the game of textiles.

“We have the potential when this thing takes off to replace a lot of the old textile jobs that were huge in this country that all left to mostly Mexico and China,” said Ardis.

Ardis said the company has become a magnet to global outlets.

“Over 22 unique industry partners, potential customers, and global brands have come to visit Natural Fiber Welding in just the past year,” said Ardis.

The mayor said one of the big products is Mirum, the world’s first plant-based leather alternative.

“It has the looks and the feels, some of it like leather, that’s why they have so many of these car manufacturers around really like the sounds of it and the looks of it for their cars. It’s basically transforming that whole market,” said Ardis.

Mirum is also eco-friendly.

“It basically replaces, almost all clothing has some element of plastic in it basically. So, this is plant-based, so it’s good for ecologically,” Ardis said. “It’s gonna keep a lot of those elements out of the landfills.”