State troopers crack down on distracted drivers in light of new law

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PEORIA, Ill. — Officers are seeing slow compliance from drivers in regards to new texting and driving laws.

Illinois State Police state officials said its force is out looking for distracted drivers. However, while actual statistics will not come out for another month or two, ISP Tony Halsey said filed police reports will eventually be documented.

Until hard numbers are released, Halsey said drivers need to know that they will get caught.

“Some people have the habit,” he said. “They sit at a stop light, they sit at a stop sign, they think that it’s okay, I’m not moving, I can check my email, check my texts real quick. You’r still in physical control of the vehicle and it’s a moving violation that you can and will get pulled over for for checking your cell phone.”

The new fines and laws increased seat belt violations from a $60 ticket to $164 ticket. The texting and driving law has changed that violation to a moving violations, and when you get three or more moving violations, your license gets suspended.

Halsey said state police have also started an effort called “Trooper in a Truck.” Residents should be aware that state troopers will ride in or drive semis to spot distracted drivers.

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