Dr. Brian Curtis came in to talk with us about the upcoming flu season. We are expecting a pretty nasty flu season this year, so we want to make sure you have everything you need to stay safe and healthy.

Luckily, it’s easy to know who is eligible for the flu vaccine! Anyone over six months old is able to get it. If a child is under nine years old and has never had the flu vaccine, then they should be getting two doses. Older adults, who are older than sixty-five, should receive the adjuvant vaccine or a high dose of the vaccine. The adjuvant has an additive that causes or more robust flu response, while the high dose has higher amounts of the flu vaccine particles.

October is a great time to get the flu vaccine because January and February tend to be the prime time for the flu season in Illinois.

Should we be worried about the upcoming flu season? We have not had a bad flu season since 2019, which means many children have never experienced the flu in the last three years. Some children have never experienced a flu season at all! We saw in Australia’s flu season that it was particularly nasty this year, but it was also especially hard on children. Their flu season is a pretty good indicator of how this year’s flu season will go here in the west, so we should at least be cautious.

Ultimately, make sure you go get your flu vaccine! Wash your hands and surfaces. Generally, follow the rules your parents told you about growing up.

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