Steph’s Stickers spreads kindness and raises awareness about people with disabilities

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Lettering Works owner, Chelsie Tamms, helped bring to life ‘Steph’s Stickers’ after Stephanie and her mom took a lettering class with her. They decided to make Stephanie’s quote designs into stickers, in order to help tell her story.

Stephanie Perry was diagnosed with Autism and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome many years ago, but with the help of Tamms, she has been able to design and sell her own custom made motivational stickers.

“I like to use my disability to help other people and advocate for them. I want to show everybody that just because you’re disable, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything,” said Stephanie.

Her favorite sticker so far says “Live to Express not to Impress”, an original quote she lives by.

“I came up with that one because there’s a lot of people who try to impress other people. People who do volunteer work because I’m going to get something out of it,” said Stephanie, “If I volunteer I do it out of the kindness of my heart. My reward is watching other people smile and watching them laugh.”

Stephanie’s mom said what she admires the most about her daughter is her persistence to remain positive during difficult times.

“I like she’ll go to work and if she’s not having a great morning, she’ll be like ‘I’m going to try to make two people smile today mom’ and then we talk about it when she gets home. But it’s just her increduble ability to continue to be positve,” said Barbie.

The purpose of the project is to encourage others to buy the stickers to give them away and spread kindness.

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03:43:28;01 it all leads back to the website that takes a moment to explain her history and what she’s gone through. And just giving people a chance to give her a moment and realize that she’s the same as everyone else.   

Stephanie has been through 14 surgeries due to her disabilities but she tells me that she will keep pushing through and hopes to one day go to different cities to share  more about her story.

To buy one of these stickers you can visit

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