Stores in Bloomington, Normal repair damages after overnight looting

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BLOOMINGTON-NORMAL, Ill. (WMBD) — An overnight confrontation turned violent Sunday night and resulted in the looting of several stores in Bloomington and Normal.

Now businesses and community members are working to clean up the aftermath.

Target, Walmart, and Binny’s were just a few of the stores broken into.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous that they would tear up a store where we have to shop to get food, medication, and to live,” said Bloomington resident Corina Thoennes. “This does not resolve anything and it doesn’t get anything answered, period.”

Many business owners started their day boarding up windows and cleaning up glass,
but they didn’t do it alone community members came out to help.

“Unfortunately there were a lot of stores and homes targeted here in Bloomington-Normal. We’re out helping as much as we can, trying to get people back up to their normal lives after last night’s mishap,” said director of business development and marketing Greg Cook.

Manager Rob Bean of Axline Pharmacy said a rock was thrown at their window. Despite having few items stolen he says he’s glad no one was hurt.

“We were here early this morning we had someone board up the window, the landlord took care of some of that and vacuumed the glass,” said Bean. “By this morning 8:30, we were ready to open business as usual.”

Many store managers say they aren’t just boarding up windows because of the damage, they’re doing it in the event this happens again.

“We’re watching them closely they are experiencing these multiple days in a row. We want to be prepared for that for our customers and be here for the community at all times,” said Cook.

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