Storms cause major damage, neighbors work to clean up

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FULTON COUNTY, Ill. — Friday’s storms caused major rain, flooding, and damage across central Illinois and many people in Fulton County were hit hard.

On Sunday, the National Weather Service confirmed the damage was done by a tornado.

Now, neighbors are working to clean up a huge mess on Orion School Road.

“I heard it sounding like a train, it comes just comes, just a whirrrrrr,” said Gary Smith.

It was something he says he’s never seen before.

“I’d seen the trees are breaking, stuff flying, and I’d seen the tornado. I did see it, but it wasn’t putting down on the ground,” said Smith.

He says the storm was more than just heavy rain and strong winds.

“Was I scared? No, I’m just a stupid, old man I don’t get scared. I did run in the house though. After stuff started flying on by me I thought well maybe I better get in,” said Smith.

“Just a mess. Real big mess,” said Jamie Wilson.

And now, neighbors are picking up the pieces.

“All day yesterday and today, we’ve been cleaning up trees…with some help from a lot of friends that have tractors and skid steers, chains, chainsaws, and just help is a good thing,” said Wilson.

The damage left many yards unrecognizable.

“I looked over here at her place and all you see is trees,” said Smith.

Some were hit worse than others.

“We didn’t have any house damage, but a lot of trees down, a lot of minor stuff. Nothing too big a deal,” said Wilson.

For now, they’ll continue to clean up.

“It’s gonna be a lot of work,” said Smith.

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