Storms wreak havoc on Tazewell County homes

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DELAVAN, Ill. — Strong wind gusts caused significant damage to some farmland in Tazewell County.

One family near Delavan survived the storm but they are still picking up the pieces.
“Usually this corn is standing straight up, but Sunday night’s storms had strong winds which pushed these corn stalks almost all the way over, and now farmers are dealing with the damage.”

“Well if you just go up the road a little and look out the window you’ll see corn blowed over. But now we have, farmers have machinery that will pretty well handle that,” said Dick Springer, retired farmer.

Dick and Nancy Springer farmed near Delavan for more than 50 years.

“My wife and I, first time I ever went to a basement in a storm, and you know, that tells you something it was bad,” said Dick Springer.

When they came out of their home after Sunday night’s tornado-warned storm, they found the winds had tried to take down their barn.
“The lean-to part was gone on the barn. I found out this morning some of our trees were damaged in the back” said Nancy Springer.

The Springers also had a complete wall collapse in one of their sheds. The couple remembers the moment they took cover.

“I didn’t think anything was going to happen, I really went downstairs thinking everything is fine, but we came upstairs to find there was damage instead,” said Nancy Springer, wife of Dick Springer.

The Springers say, despite the damage, they’re glad nobody got hurt.

“Whether it was a tornado or not, I don’t know, but whatever it was that’s the result of it,” said Dick.

It’s now been determined from the National Weather Service that the Springer’s storm damage was caused by strong winds, not a tornado.

Another family in Delavan also had serious storm damage.

John Kramer and his wife were in their home on Sunday when they decided to take cover.

That’s when two trees landed on their home, hitting the roof of their sun-room.

“It actually shook the house a little bit when it hit,” said Kramer.

Thankfully, both he and his wife were safe.

They say at the time, they didn’t even realize what they had heard was the trees snapping.

“All we heard was it was like a crack of thunder, and we, that was what I think afterward the fact was we thought that was the tree actually breaking, and coming down, and hitting the house,” said Kramer.

They’re now waiting for the trees to be removed, so they can see what repairs their roof and fence will need. Kramer says they’re lucky it wasn’t worse.

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