A Peoria Police School Resource Officer used a taser on a student at Peoria High School after a student refused law enforcement commands.

According to Peoria Public Schools, a small group of students began fighting in the school, when one student displayed a knife. 

Those directly involved in the initial fight are facing arrest and school discipline. No Injuries were reported. 

We spoke with people outside the school this afternoon, who said they were shocked by today’s events.

“Its a win-win, lose-lose situation, if he wouldn’t have reacted quickly somebody els’s child could have gotten hurt because she had a knife,” said Jaquazia Bovan, a sister of a student and Peoria High School alum. She added,  ” I do think he could have gone about it another way because we were never tased, they used to have pepper spray so i don’t understand why he didn’t use the pepper spray”.

Peoria Public Schools say, ” This is not the environment or the reputation we wish for Peoria High or any of our schools. Staff and students at Peoria High School will continue to focus on “Above the Line” expectations and our school community will not tolerate this behavior”.