Students at Heartland are weighing in on political issues

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NORMAL, Ill. — Students at Heartland Community College are being asked to weigh in on popular political opinions this week.

More than 200 years ago, Americas’ Founding Fathers signed the Constitution giving the country the freedoms we all know and love, but as times have changed, the opinions of that document have as well.

As a result, Heartland Community College is hosting an exercise this week, urging students to weigh in on the different topics that the nation’s leaders are struggling with themselves.

“We want to reconcile the educational experience with the ability to be out there and serve as a citizen,” said Oumima Boulhna with HCC. “Not just limit things to in-class activities, but also bring whatever people have as drives and interests, into what is happening outside of the classroom.”

As part of what they call Constitution Week, the college has set up several tables on campus, with prompts attached. The prompts ask students what they believe those in office should do on these hotbed issues.

“We’ve been able to really gauge how our students feel,” said Student Body President, Anakin Fox. “Even if we only had one signature, that would be amazing, because that would show that there are students who are engaged in these issues. It’s been very nice to see a lot of people participating.”

Organizers of the event say politics are something we should not shy away from and this event will help begin the discussion.

This event is going on until Thursday.

Students looking to participate do not have to contact anyone and have the ability to remain anonymous. 

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