Alleged students from a Normal high school post ‘horrific’ racist videos on social media

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Normal Community West Black Student Union will hold a march Monday at Normal West Community High School to hold students, parents and administrators accountable.

NORMAL, Ill. (WMBD) — The NAACP released in a statement Thursday they are “disgusted” and “appalled” after watching videos of white Normal Community West High School students being involved in racist acts that were posted on social media recently.

One of the videos shows a girl, who is allegedly a Normal Community West High School student, using blackface and writing “I look like you now.” A screenshot of a social media post from other alleged Normal West students read in part, “never was ni**er” and “They can be mad all they want. They think just because they are black they can do whatever they want because us white people slave them. Ni**a its 2020 and we live in a free country.” Other screenshots of social media posts read, “we gonna kill them.”

The organization believes the students’ actions further prove blatant and systemic racism still exists.

The young people involved in these awful actions are simply abysmal, especially as the entire world is addressing recent racial strife. I am convinced that racism is a learned behavior, and we are here to call it out, as the students and parents must be held completely accountable.”

Linda Foster, President of the Bloomington-Normal NAACP

According to the NAACP, the McLean County Sheriff and the Normal Police Chief were notified about the incident because “many” students were “traumatized” by the racist videos. The NAACP is pushing that the students and parents be held accountable for what transpired.

The actions of the students involved have also called for the Normal West Black Student Union to hold a march Monday at 5:00 p.m. The Black Student Union and the NAACP want to hold parents, students, community members, and administrators accountable for ending racism and discrimination.

The march will take place at Normal Community West High School.

Because the students who were involved in creating the videos are minors, WMBD will not release any names, photos, or videos.

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