Students need to hit the doctor before they can hit the books

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August 1st is a sure sign the first day of school is near.


One of the items on the back to school to-do list starts at the doctor. The health department is reminding parents to get your children in for their vaccinations. For many schools, it’s not only recommended, it’s a requirement if you want them to start the first day.


“I want to get back to school to see like my friends and stuff but I don’t like the learning part.” Incoming 6th grader, Jacob Pribaz, says.


Pribaz doesn’t quite know how to feel about the first day of school, but he’ll be ready for it.


“I’m having a sports physical tomorrow…er, today and we’ve already done all the back to school shopping.” Pribaz adds.


Pribaz says he needs two shots this year.


“I think 2 on the arms but I don’t know what kind of vaccine it is it’s just so like I can play on the school basketball team and play football.” Pribaz says.


Many districts require students to hit the doctor’s office before they can hit the books.


“In order to get registered we had to go see the doctor, make sure all their vaccinations were up to speed.” Matthew Reeves says.


Jean Bellisario is the Director of Infectious Disease for the Peoria City-County Health Department.


“That’s really the point of this is that they prevent against diseases. They’re serious and can prevent serious problems for the kids. Especially as they get together as a group prevents that from happening because you can have good coverage levels with those kids.” Bellisario explains.


13 states have reported measles cases so far in 2017 and, as for the mumps, 45 states, including Illinois. Bellisario says it’s not only important to get all of the required vaccines, but those that are recommended, too, like HPV and the flu shot.


“All the kids are again coming together and they have been different places and may be exposed to different things so it’s a good time to make sure that their everything is up to date and it’s a good way to keep them healthy.” Bellisario says.


The Peoria City-County Health Department also has a dental clinic for students.For more information on how to schedule an appointment for your child click here.

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