Study says fad diets won’t work for everyone

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PEORIA, Ill. — A recent study shows that no two people will react the same to changes in their diet.

The London study called “Predict” gave participants matching meals and found that no glucose levels had the same reaction, not even identical twins.

“Everybody’s body is different, health conditions, genetics, so much plays a role in how our diet affects us,” said Kaela Ketchum, OSF Saint Francis HealthCare Registered Dietitian.

Sheila Chapman has used several fad diets, but none of them have stuck.

“I tried Keto, I’ve tried just watching what I eat, I do that mostly, I cut out all carbs, which is hard, because I love my carbs,” Chapman said.

Ketchum says she doesn’t believe there is one perfect diet. But still, fifty percent of dieters this year will try a fad diet.

“It can often be damaging because they think, ‘I have a friend who is doing this and they’ve lost a lot of weight so I’m going to try it,’ and for a variety of reasons that diet doesn’t work for that person,” Ketchum said.

That’s how Sheila Chapman started the Keto diet.

“A girl I work did the Keto diet, she lost like twenty pounds in like a month, and that’s pretty fast. So I thought, well, I’ll try it and see, and I did,” Chapman said.

She says the diet worked for a while, but then stopped.

“I lost probably ten pounds in probably two weeks and then it just bottomed out,” Chapman said.

Ketchum says a good diet to follow is a well balanced diet.

“So really looking at those five food groups and figuring out the dairy, grains, protein or meats, fruits and vegetables. Are you getting a variety of those each day, because that is really what’s going to fuel our body for what we need,” Ketchum said.

Ketchum also says it’s a good idea to consult with your doctor and a dietitian before making changes to your diet.

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