PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — It’s an annual tradition at OSF Children’s Hospital of Illinois.

Every year, two window washers dress up as superheroes and rappel down the building while smiling and waving at hospitalized children, and of course, washing windows.

This year, Captain America and Batman paid a visit to the hospital.

“It’s a bit more exciting than the regular job that we do,” said Brian Baxter, supervisor at Clearly Windows, who dressed up as Captain America.

Rhett Winford, operations manager at Clearly Windows, dressed up as Batman. He said it’s his eighth year participating in the event.

“Its incredible to see the kids, see the smiles. It means so much to them, they just get to see superheroes on the side of the building and its just nice seeing their faces with a big old smile,” he said.

And it’s fun for them too.

“As fun as it is for the kids, I get to pretend as well. I get to pretend to be Captain America for a day, which is fun!” said Baxter.

It’s Baxter’s seventh year participating in the event. He said the smiles on the kids’ faces are priceless.

“It makes for a pretty good day. I know some of the struggles and stuff of kids that are in here, and its nice to be able to do something nice for them,” he said.