PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — A local pastor has worked to alleviate the food desert in Peoria’s south side for the past year, and the project is near completion.

The man behind the Harvest Supermarket and Grill is Pastor Chuck Brown of Victory Christian Church in Peoria. Brown said they’re hoping to open this July after sharing these recent renderings.

“There are 1.2 million people in Illinois who live in a food desert. We are looking to irradiate a problem in Peoria’s south side by providing with healthy, nutritional, and affordable food,” said Brown.

Harvest Supermarket and Grill would revive the vacant lot across from dollar general on Western Ave. and Martin Luther King Dr. This is in the former Save-A-lot location.

“We are going to have produce, bakery right at the very front as well as when you look to the left you will have the option of your prepared foods,” said Brown.

Brown said the types of produce and food will also reflect the community it serves.

“We do have a Latino population here, we want to know what kind of foods we need to have on our shelves as well as our African American and Caucasian citizens,” said Brown.

The goal of the market is to reinvest in Peoria’s south side, creating new opportunities and hope.

“Change the narrative and if it starts by bringing fresh foods, combine our community leaders, our police chief and our goal is to maybe attract other business,” said Brown.

A friend of Brown’s, Micheal Bolden said he’s sure harvest supermarket will bring a new look to the south side.

“Lately they don’t have anywhere to go, they don’t have anywhere to go and people don’t have transportation, so this is going to be a big thing down here. We need this on the south side, you know… to bring people back alive again,” said Bolden.