T-Rex has had a positive impact on the Riverfront Museum since opening

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Some of Tuesday’s guests came to the Riverfront Museum to see its prehistoric exhibit.

“We had a lot of friends and family who haven’t been here in a while and have told us ‘oh you’ve got to see the exhibit’ or ‘ come on downtown!’ So we know lots of people in our group who don’t normally come here, have come specifically come because of this exhibit,” said visitor Crystal Radovanovic.

“I have three little kids and so as soon as they saw the picture out front, we had to come,” said visitor Cassie Schumacher.

People from areas even outside Central Illinois are visiting “T-Rex: The Ultimate Predator”

“People want to see it. We had one couple fly in from New York. They couldn’t see it when it was the American Museum of Natural History, because of the pandemic, and they wanted to see it. So, they came to Peoria,”  said John D. Morris Peoria Riverfront Museum President & CEO.

This exhibit isn’t only bringing in foot traffic, but the museum’s president and CEO said it’s an overall boon for the museum.

“Admission in the six weeks we’ve since been opened is greater than the entire pandemic year combined when we were opened periodically,” said Morris. “And that’s not the only boost coming from this prehistoric beast.”

“Memberships are dramatically on the rise. More than 800 new members since we reopened in March and most of that comes since Memorial Day and T-Rex,” said Morris

Morris also said that the museum store has seen more sales since the exhibit has opened up. The next traveling exhibit set to come to Peoria is “Creatures of Light: Nature’s Bioluminescence” in the summer of 2022.

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