PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — The Peoria Riverfront Museum’s most successful exhibition to date has two legs and lived more than 50 million years ago.

“This will be more than 50,000 visitors and it will be our longest, largest and most visited exhibition and museum in history,” said Morris.

The New York exhibition, T-Rex: the Ultimate Predator made it’s first debut in Peoria on memorial day weekend in 2021.

“This is a big deal Peoria got this exhibition,” said Morris.

Now fast forward 7 months later and the Peoria Riverfront Museum President, John Morris said there’s much to reflect on. Since the exhibit more than 1,000 new members joined the museum.

“We combined the resources of the largest movie screen in Illinois in the giant screen theatre. We had a dinosaur themed planetarium exhibition about meteorites and theories of how the dinosaurs went extinct,” said Morris.

He said it also brought back student tours.

“We brought 4,500 student experiences and school tours through this exhibition so what a fantastic thing for students most of which have never been to Chicago’s Field Museum. Those students were transported to a New York level exhibition,” said Morris.

One visitor from Michigan said he’s been to many dinosaur exhibits but this one dug just a little bit deeper.

“I think in some ways this is more informative though because it takes you through the different facts of dinosaurs and the whole family not just T-Rex and understanding how they are all related,” said visitor Manish Scharma.

The next traveling exhibit set to come to Peoria is “Creatures of light: nature’s bioluminescence” in summer of 2022.