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Talks of a Success Center in PPS to help students achieve

PEORIA, Ill - Academics at Peoria Public Schools is always a top priority. However, the school district hopes to help its students with things that impact them outside the classroom.

“We know all of the barriers.” said Superintendent Dr. Sharon Desmoulin-Kherat, “We have to contend with and they're barriers, they're not excuses, they're barriers.”

The district is planning to collaborate with other community resources to cater to the students who may struggle with personal issues when they leave school.

Kherat continued, “We want to get the hospitals involved, the housing assistance, United Way, homeless shelters, food pantries, you name it.”

“We started off with a group of community members of about 50 or 60 members of the community from city government including Mayor Ardis and Patrick Urich,” said District employee, Derrick Booth.

This idea sparked from a program at a school in Atlanta, GA called the Colburn Marietta Student Success Center.

The popular success center has gained attention from over 200 schools and organizations across the country.

Leaders say this will allow the district to build trust with families and help put all students on an equal playing field.

Booth said, “The great thing about these wrap around services they're ultimately not only to serve the students but to serve the families.”

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