Tanners Orchard is two weeks away from the 2020 season

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SPEER, Ill. (WMBD) — Tanners Orchard is two weeks away from opening.

Owners and employees are working in the orchard and market to prepare for the 2020 season.

Tanners Orchard is a central Illinois favorite and owner Jennifer Beaver said she’s excited to be days away from inviting customers in.

Beaver said crews work hard year round to make each season possible.

“December 1st, we’re down here cleaning up…then in January, we start back up,” said Beaver. “It’s a never-ending job.”

Four generations have been a part of Tanners history.

“We’ve been here for 70-something years, and it’s all we do,” said Beaver. “It’s a family tradition for us and everybody else.”

Tanners is finding new ways to adapt during the pandemic and enforcing masks, regular cleaning, and introducing an online shop.

“You can order a lot of the gourmet foods like the jams and the jellies and the dressings and all that online and we’ll bring it out to your car,” said Beaver.

This year, there will be changes. The jump pad and inflatables won’t be able to open, but Beaver said you can still expect a fun time at Tanners this year.

“Our motto out here is we plan for the worst, and we prepare for the worst. So we’re planning on the best season once again,” said Beaver.

She added that she still expects a busy season and said there’s plenty of room for people to distance. But if it gets too busy, they’ll find ways to limit crowds.

Tanners Orchard opens on Monday, July 27 at 8 a.m.

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