CENTRAL Ill. (WMBD) — From Aug. 5 to Aug. 14, anybody can purchase school-related supplies for a cheaper price.

“We’ve been planning this all week to come today,” said Amanda Karcher who was back to school shopping.

The state sales tax on school supplies and other school-related items dropped from 6.25% to 1.25%. The “Back to School” tax holiday was included in a $1.8 billion tax relief bill proposed by Gov. J.B. Pritzker and approved by the general assembly.

Now, local shoppers are taking advantage of those low prices.

“I’ve seen a great amount of customers this time around then last year, and I think they’re taking advantage of that reduced tax rate,” said Walmart employee Janet Ciaccio.

Ciaccio said the store wants the community to be aware of the reduced taxes, so people can get their deals.

“Our home office sends out the signing to all the stores so it is a talker to the community so that they know when they come in and they see those signs,” said Ciaccio.

They even have QR codes people can scan in the store to see what’s eligible.

At Kohl’s in East Peoria, customers purchased clothing for the school year.

Karcher said, “We’re looking at backpacks, shoes, some back-to-school clothes, lunchboxes.”

While another back to school shopper, Nicole Keedy, said she’s purchasing, “Probably shorts, lots of jeans for fall time and shirts, long-sleeved shirts, shoes, socks, underwear, that type of thing.”

Even school administrators joined in on the savings on Friday.

“Our superintendent sent out to all families to notify them of the tax reduce so, yeah, I’m excited to see everyone out, I’m excited for the school year,” said School Counselor for Midwest Central High School Angela Harbourn.

Some items include, but are not limited to:

  • computers
  • desks
  • lamps
  • bathing suits
  • suspenders/belts
  • coats and jackets
  • lab coats
  • skirts and dresses
  • scarves
  • underwear
  • shorts and pants
  • blouses and shirts
  • shoes
  • sandals and slippers
  • boots
  • binders
  • backpacks
  • chalk
  • crayons
  • colored pencils
  • erasers
  • scissors
  • lunch boxes
  • glue
  • pencils
  • pens
  • pencil sharpeners
  • and much, much more