Tazewell County Board votes to censure county clerk

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The Tazewell County Clerk, John Ackerman gave his staff pay raises, installed December 2019. This caused long-lasting issues between him and the Tazewell County Board.

Wednesday, Ackerman was formally censured at a board meeting.
Last month — the Tazewell county board voted against censuring Ackerman.

After the failed vote Ackerman and board members attempted to compromise but could not resolve the issue. At the board meeting, one member made a motion to reconsider the censure.

It was our way of communicating to the public that when you misappropriate, not illegal, but when you spend taxpayer money to the tune of $112,000 and give raises as high as 63 percent we are going to communicate our disapproval.

David Zimmerman, Tazewell County Board, Chairman

Ackerman said if he had the chance to make another decision, he would not have done anything differently. Adding, that his employees are deserving of this raise.

Outside the box thinking, yes it was. Different? Yes it was, but it achieved the goal of making sure my employees were paid a fair wage and it invested in them for the future because I value you them they are outstanding employees that do their job excellently and deserve a fair living wage.

John Ackerman, Tazewell County Clerk

As of now, employees at the County Clerk’s office still have their raises. Ackerman said that is not going to change, while he is in office.

However, the Tazewell county board chairman, David Zimmerman said if this issue is not resolved, the board plans to significantly cut Ackerman’s budget for the next year.

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