PEKIN, Ill. (WMBD) — The Tazewell County Clerk’s office released its 2023 yearbook which provides contact information for all officials, and this year, will highlight the county’s namesake.

Published annually, the yearbook gives information on all county offices as well as township, school boards and city officials.

John Ackerman, the county clerk, said this year’s cover would feature Littleton Tazewell, who served as governor of Virginia in 1834. There are four counties in the nation who are named after him, including the one here in the Tri-County area.

In addition to the print at the front of the yearbook, there will be photos and portraits of him outside the clerk’s office, as well as on the main floor of the courthouse. Both portraits were donated by Tazewell County Clerk & Recorder of Deeds John C. Ackerman and his wife.

“I believe the History of Tazewell County is important so we can remember where we have come from” Ackerman said. “Last year we proudly reintroduced extensive history sections to the Tazewell County yearbook. And this year we expanded to include the history of the historical individual Tazewell County – Illinois was named after. We have an amazing history here in Tazewell County, one we should all be proud of, and I want to make sure the citizens of Tazewell County have access to this history for generations to come.”

The 2023 Tazewell County Yearbook is available for free online and in print in the Tazewell County Clerk’s Office. The Tazewell County Clerk’s Office is proud to have copies of Tazewell County Yearbooks available for public review dating back to 1911.