Early voting for Tazewell County will happen throughout March leading up to election day on April 2nd.
With early voting open, the question people are asking is ‘are people heading to the polls?’

Election judges in East Peoria said Sunday morning, that so far there have been less than 50 people who’ve casted their ballot since Friday.

Election judge Linda Courtney said these local elections matter as much as a gubernatorial or presidential election.

“I just really think it’s very important for everyone to vote and have their voice be heard. Whether it’s a mayoral election or park district or whatever, I think it’s very important to get out and vote,” said Courtney.

New Tazewell County voters can register on site on election day April 2nd by showing two forms of identification and a utility bill under their name and address.

For a full list to early voting sites for Tazewell County you can click on the following link: