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Tazewell County offering prepayments on property taxes

PEORIA, Ill - Under the new tax bill property tax deductions are making a major change.

The Tazewell County Treasurer’s Office is letting you sneak those payments in before the end of 2017.

Those interested will be required to pay the 2016 payable 2017 taxes, since the 2017 payable 2018 amount has been determined yet.

To qualify you must be up to date on your property taxes.

Home owners will be required to fill out a prepayment application and submit it at the office.

“If a person was to pay $5,000 thousand dollars in property taxes early for next year and they paid $5,000 thousand again by next December they would have $10,000 dollars in property tax to deduct on their federal tax,” explains Country Treasurer Mary Burress.

Several other counties are also offering prepayment including Peoria, Livingston and Woodford.

Tazewell county's deadline is December 29th.

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