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Tazewell County passes gun resolution along with auditor referendum

TAZEWELL COUNTY, Ill - A major decision about Tazewell County's Auditor will soon be in the hands of voters.

Leaders in Tazewell County want to end the practice of electing an auditor and instead believe the auditor should be appointed.

They say the current elected auditor, Shelly Hranka isn't qualified to complete her duties.

Wednesday council members agreed to put the question on the November ballot for voters to decide.

"I'm disappointed in the County Board members that have chosen to put this on the ballot and have disregarded the people's vote," said Hranka. "But I'm okay with it because the people do have a voice."

The county board also agreed to make it known Tazewell County supports second amendment rights.


Gun owners in recent weeks were pushing for leaders to publicly say the county is a gun sanctuary.


While they didn't go that far they did pass a resolution supporting the second amendment.


“It’s not a sanctuary county, we just want to reaffirm the second amendment,”said Chairman David Zimmerman.


Under the ordinance county leaders are still to be bound by federal and state laws.


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