Tremont, IL. (WMBD) — The Tazewell County Republicans hosted a meet and greet Saturday morning, Feb. 27, with newly-appointed state senator Sally Turner at the Tremont Community Center.

Turner was appointed Illinois State Senator of the 44th District after Bill Brady resigned in December.

She said she really enjoys the appointment so far.

“There’s so many different facets of state government that I’m involved in. Listening to people and having them call my district and talking to my constituents to find out what their needs are, I really find [that] fascinating,” Turner said. “Every day [there’s] something different, and I enjoy that part of it.”

Her district includes Tazewell, Logan, McClean, Menard and Sangamon counties.

Turner is on seven committees, including tourism and public safety.

Before her appointment, Turner served as Logan County Clerk.

“It’s all about meeting the needs of the people and being a good leader and a good administrator,” Turner said. “And teaching your staff the things they need to know in order to help all your constituents. So in my work as county clerk and recorder, over the 24 years, we touched every part of the community that you could possibly touch.” 

Among other issues, Turner said she wants to address the natural gas crisis facing Central Illinois.

Turner said she is excited top start her job in-person, when she can finally meet her colleagues and constituents.

“They’ve been great. They’ve all reached out– the Democrat party too,” Turner said. “Many of their senators have reached out as well which I certainly appreciate. I really appreciate the fact that I think that many of us can work together to make a better Illinois.”

Turner said she will campaign to be elected into the position. That election will be held in March of 2022.