Tazewell County road crews face challenges clearing snow

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Central Illinois got its fair share of snow, and plowing efforts are still happening in many neighborhoods. 

Tazewell County road crews face a number of challenges after a heavy snow. In addition to the amount of salt sprayed on the roadways, county roads can take a toll on snow plows. 

“We’ve been fortunate that we haven’t had any equipment breakdowns, so all of the trucks that we’ve had out there have been running the entire time,” said Craig Fink, Tazewell County engineer.

Fink had a busy weekend, and the work is not done yet.

“We’re gonna peel off what actually froze to the road, any of the slush or the snow pack that the plows couldn’t get off. With the temperature dropping overnight, now it’s become kinda difficult,” said Fink.

Fink and Elm Grove Township road commissioner Jerry Brown, ran into another challenge: strong winds on flat terrain. 

“We have the wind, it’s just, pretty much every storm event has some degree of wind that’s pretty difficult. You just pass the same point, and we used to kid ourselves that we’re pushing the snow back and forth,” said Fink. “Out here in the country, we have a lot of snow blowing, we have a lot of drifting. Yesterday was terrible, it was one of the worst times we’ve had,” said Jerry Brown, Road Commissioner of Elm Grove Township.

Brown says township roads are handled differently than city streets and have their fair share of disadvantages.

“Township roads are a little bit more narrow, and it’s a little bit tougher when you’re facing traffic. People are out driving, trying to get to work, it really makes it tough. You gotta get your plow turned and be sure not to hit the cars,” said Brown.

And another challenge on rural roads is gravel. Brown says drivers need to make sure their blades aren’t too low, because it will cause them to pick up the rocks and throw them around.

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