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Students from Tazewell County came together Thursday to learn about the impact they can make on the future.

“This atmosphere creates leaders that are ready to take on the world,” said keynote speaker Jim Love.

More than 500 students learned to focus on being themselves at the 30th annual Tazwell County Teen Conference. Organizers told the kids when you find happiness in yourself, that energy is contagious and can lead to a happier school environment

While students in Jr. high and high school are often taught what not to do, the conference aims to build up teens with positivity and educate them on putting their passion into action.

Love explained, “They should learn to accept themselves and love who they have become.”

Through personal stories, skits, and workshops students learned life skills from their peers. For Morton junior Tori Larrabee, the curriculum became a resource she believes will stay with her for years to come.

“I feel i can better connect with my peers, it doesn’t feel like someone is trying to throw a lecture at us,” said Larrabee. She adds, “We seem to trust each other a little bit more because we know what everyone is going through.”

Love says the goal is to be the best version of yourself and to work hard to achieve your dreams.

“These are people that are going to be future presidents, future CEOS’s, this is your group of leaders that you know are ready to serve.”

In addition to learning about mental health students learned how to take care of their physical health by eating better and avoiding drugs and alcohol.

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