Thanksgiving is a time for binge eating and for some drinking, but make sure you’re being safe.

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CENTRAL ILLINOIS, Ill. — With Thanksgiving on Thursday many in Central Illinois took to the streets Wednesday night to participate in the Blackout Wednesday celebrations. No this is not a shopping holiday nor does it require black clothing but rather alcohol and lots of it.

Black out Wednesday is a time when families and friends come together and let loose just before turkey feast.

We hit a couple places in town, the drinks were flowing and the smiles were prevalent as tons of bars had very enticing deals.

“People can expect two-dollar well drinks all night and then our fresh handmade pizza’s,” said Beth Campbell, Bartender at The 5th Quarter Sports Bar and Pizzeria. “This time of year is always fun because all of our regulars bring their families and friends in from out of town.”

Although the celebrations were specifically a Wednesday night thing, many people won’t be headed home until the end of the weekend. Because of this its important you make sure you are being safe. Not just limiting the amount you chug but on the drive home. 

According to Illinois Department of Transportation, the roads during Thanksgiving weekend are more busy than any other holiday. That’s not even mentioning the added police presence on the roads. You don’t want to be the person making that one mistake to ruin what could be a great time with family and friends.

To help you make the right choice a bar in Washington came up with a way to get you home safely.

“We are always watching out,” said Mark Ingraham, Bartender at McMahon’s Pints & Plates. “We are always seeing who had too much and who’s getting into what. Also, if you need a ride home we’ll hand you the phone, we’ll have you call a family member or an Uber or whatever you need to, cause safety is our main priority.”

Uber & Lift are applications you can get on your smart phone which are faster and sometimes cheaper than your traditional Taxi. But you can always go with the reliable Designated Driver route, just remember to be safe.

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