PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — The Community House in Peoria asked neighbors over to celebrate a belated Turkey Day together at their Friends-the-sitcom-themed Friendsgiving Saturday.

The organization located on Sheridan Road teamed up with Keegan’s Krew Anti-Bullying Project, inviting neighbors to bring their favorite Thanksgiving dish or dessert, hang out together, and take part in games for Friends-themed prizes.

The Community House is a community center that provides an after-school program for kids struggling with school work, as well as a sober living program and facility for women.

Melanie Ball, the organization’s Ambassador of Music, said the TV show Friends echoes their goal of creating close-knit relationships with people across the community.

“Around our group, one of the main themes is love and kindness,” Ball said. “So we just want to bring the community together to show them we care and we’re full of love and kindness.”

To learn more about The Community House, visit their website.