PEKIN, Ill. (WMBD) — For the last 43 years, the Pekin Marigold Festival began with a community-wide scavenger hunt, and 2022 is no different.

Every year, a small disc is hidden somewhere in Pekin, and the location can only be revealed by solving a series of “mystic yet poetic” clues posted on the festival’s social media page. Hunters will need to decipher a new clue every day to eventually reveal the location of the medallion.

The Jimmy John’s Marigold Medallion Hunt began at noon Monday with long-time Cluemeister Gary Gillis releasing the first clue. The hunter who finds the medallion this year will receive a grand prize of $1,500.

The first clue can be viewed below:

Clue # 1

“Congrats to our proud Marigold Festival,

Fifty years a wonderful prelude to Fall.

Celebrations may come and go,

But they’re full of memories for all.”

This year a new sponsor

Jimmy John’s now part of this tradition.

Counting on hints big and small

Knowing work and fun are your mission.”

2022’s medallion is a used glass piece, created by Pekin Community High School 2022 graduate Curtis Cook. It was carefully camouflaged and protected in a bag or paper that could mislead hunters, then hidden by an unknown person in the community.

Hunters will find instructions for how to claim the medallion within the package, including the secret phone number to contact the Cluemeister.

More clues will be released at noon every day from Monday, Aug. 29 through Saturday, Sept. 3. The next clue releases Labor Day at 6:30 a.m.