PEKIN, Ill. (WMBD) — The fourth clue for the 2023 Jimmy John’s Marigold Festival Medallion Hunt was released Thursday.

According to the Pekin Chamber of Commerce’s website, the medallion hunt takes place at the end of August to give local detectives a chance to decipher clues and locate the medallion hidden somewhere on public property in Pekin.

The Fourth clue is:

“What’s past is prologue”.

I’ve often hear it said.

But just go out and complete your task,

A job so many would dread.

If you take a view from the heavens,

Find a way that’s hard for me to spell.

A quest can end with the familiar,

And yields to that which we know so well.

Gary Gillis


According to the Marigold Festival Event Program, the grand prize for finding the medallion this year is $1,500.

This year’s medallion was designed by Pekin Community High School student Olivia Torrey.