The Mega Millions & Powerball Will End in Illinois if No Budget is Passed

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No luck for a balanced budget in Illinois, and now neither for hopeful lottery players.

The Multi-State Lottery Association plans on dropping Illinois from the Mega Millions and Powerball if a budget isn’t passed by June 30.

“I bought a powerball ticket last weekend for the big powerball, I got my whole $4 out of it by getting the powerball number but you know it’s obviously something people enjoy playing a lot of these games and it’s kind of ridiculous Illinois has become such a problem around the country that we see the lottery is now not wanting to participate in our state” said Representative Tim Butler.

Leo Wine is a manager at Super Liquors in Peoria. He declined to go on camera, but he said this isn’t going to help the state’s budget.

“Lottery brings in a lot of money to the state in revenue and if they can’t get this, it’s probably gonna put a dent in their revenue flow” said Wine.

Wine said about half of his customers purchase lottery tickets.

“It’s gonna probably take away some of the traffic for us regardless” said Wine.

Republican State Representative Tim Butler said this is a another reminder of how the lack of a budget is having an impact.

“the governor calling a special session today that, maybe we will- the last 10 days of june we will finally be able to get this budget solved and get a true budget in place, and the powerball wouldn’t have to pull out of Illinois” said Butler.

In the words of the Illinois lottery: Anything’s possible.

Lawmakers will have from June 21 until the end of the month to get a budget passed.

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