BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — The Minority Business Development Center (MBDC) has expanded from Peoria to Bloomington. On Wednesday it opened its doors in the Eastland Mall.

The nonprofit offers multiple resources including training for entrepreneurship, IT, contractor development and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

“We’re developed and staffed by minorities. So, we want it to be a space where we’re serving where minorities feel welcomed. That they feel they can come and be true and vulnerable about their situation whether it’s in the workforce or with their own small business or desire to start their small business so we can really help them and equip them with what they need,” said MBDC Consultant Alicia Lenard.

The grand opening served as an opportunity for business owners to network and learn about the MBDC. Fallon Carruthers has been in business for three years making custom apparel and accessories. She said it is amazing to have a space for minority business owners.

“I feel they will understand what I’m going through as a minority business owner. And how sometimes you don’t know where the resources are, you don’t know who to go to, you don’t know if they’re 100% for minorities. So I feel like it’s a great great time to have a minority business center,” said Carruthers.

Founder and CEO Denise Moore said it is her passion to help other business owners.

“When I see the sparkle in someone’s eyes when they get it and they figure out they can do it too that’s why I keep doing it. When you see that over and over again it brings a smile to my face because we help them to understand how to do it successfully,” said Moore.

The Center also offers computer literacy classes for senior citizens.