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Nina and Pinta replicas sailing out of Peoria

The Nina and Pinta are headed south

PEORIA, Ill. - Hundreds of people got the chance to enjoy the ships over the last week. But its the ships' crew that keep the displays afloat.

The crew members travel to 30 destinations on ship's tour. At each stop, rather than booking a hotel room, they stay right on the ship.

Each person on the ship has experienced severe weather, slept in the ships bunks, and met hundreds of people.  

"Everyday is a new adventure on these ships, one type or another. The different cities, the different people, the different questions each day usually has its own issues," said Kat Wilson, First Mate.

Some of the crew members say they're young and enjoy the idea that they can travel on this ship, help people experience a bit of history and not be tied down to bills in the process.

"Im 26 years old, still wanting to travel. Pretty much whats great with me is that I have no bills right now, nothing to tie me down so i can do stuff like this" said Joshua Dummitt, Pinta Deckhand

After traveling to more than 30 destinations, many of these sailors cant help but to have a favorite stop.

"I've been to a bunch of good cities i wanna say south haven would be my favorite so far. The people were nice there." said Dummitt.

From Peoria the crew will be headed to Cape Giradeau, Missouri and then traveling down the Mississippi stopping at their many destinations.

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