The Normal Fire Department is honoring a 7-year-old for saving her mom’s life

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NORMAL, Ill. — Normal Firefighters are recognizing a first grader for her ability to act calm during crunch time.   

Earlier this year 7-year-old Kylee Shepherd was at home relaxing with her mom, Amber. Then suddenly things took a turn for the worse, Amber fell out of her bed and began convulsing. She was having a seizure.

“Thinking back to that day, and thinking of when I actually woke up and was aware and alert, I was freaking out,” said Amber Shepherd, Kylee’s mom.

Kylee saw Amber convulsing, so she quickly unlocked her moms phone and dialed 9-1-1.

“The fact that she knew her mom’s name, where she was at, and how she was able to continuously check her breathing to make sure she was still breathing,” said Hayden Veach the 9-1-1 dispatcher who spoke to her. “Things like that, that’s what kinda surprised me.”

Kylee stayed on the phone, calmly answering questions and aiding the 9-1-1 staff as they rushed to the scene to help her mother.

“I definitely feel much safer when she’s with me,“ said Amber. “These seizures came randomly, so it’s nice to know that if it does happen again, she will be with me.”

Fire Chief Mick Humer, says we should all be amazed and proud of the work Kylee did. But it’s important we don’t forget the underlying message.

“Teach your kids how to use 9-1-1, talk to them about your address,“ he said. “A lot of people don’t have land lines anymore, and they just have cell phones, so it takes a little bit longer to coordinate where that call is coming from. So if the caller knows the exact address it goes a lot smoother.”
Kylee was presented with the Youth Hero Award, but, she says she doesn’t feel like a hero, she says she just helped her mom.

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