NORMAL, Ill. — On Wednesday Illinois State Universities students began moving in to begin their 2019-2020 school year.

These next few days students will be moving into Watterson Towers, the largest dorm on campus. More than 2,000 students live here and for some of them that’s more they had in their hometown.

“I love when the students come back,” said move-in volunteer Madison Brown. “Especially working moving-in the dorms, because you see all the fresh friendly faces of freshman, how excited they are and their parents. It’s really cool to leave a positive experience and help out here.”

Freshman, Jackie Sistrunk, says moving in is a bit surreal, but he’s excited to start his college career.

“I’m excited to meet new people and pursue an education in something I actually want to learn about,” said Sistrunk. “I’m just ready for new things to come.”

As their children are embarking on a new journey parents have one clear message.

“Don’t screw up,” said Darin Chambliss on the words of wisdom he gave his stepson. “A lot of the decisions you make now will affect the rest of your life, they can be good or bad, so we want to make sure good decisions are being made.”

While Chambliss and the other parents are teaching life lessons, volunteers are making sure students know each day from here on out is a memory.

“Soak it all in,” said move-in volunteer Kinsey Weaver. “It goes by so fast, that’s kind of the advice I’ve been telling people. It might be stressful now, but it will be a very fun experience.

If you haven’t left home yet, ISU staff has some tips for those heavy packers.

“Bring the clothes for the season you’re in,” said Director of Housing Services, Stacey Mwilambwe. “Believe it or not, you’re going to go back and get that winter coat hopefully. If they can get boxes or plastic bins because it gives a little structure when you’re loading carts. I know not everyone can do these things, but if you can, it usually makes it more efficient.”

The new traffic patters laid out by ISU leaders, are now in effect, and will remain until the end of the week.