The Small Business Development Center is a free service for aspiring small business owners

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Starting a small business is not as simple as renting a space and selling your product or service. Luckily there are several local organizations like the Small Business Development Center and the Better Business Bureau, willing to walk step by step with entrepreneurs.

The Small Business Development Center teaches them about things such as how to register a name, how to get licenses and permits and how to fit state and federal requirements.

Peoria has seen a boom of new small businesses popping up  in the past few years, specially in the Warehouse District.

According to Kevin Evans, director of the small business development center at Bradley, Peoria is definitely a good place to start.

“The growth of small business development is really alive and well in Peoria. We have a variety of companies that have started here that are really at the brink of becoming tremendous companies that will be known perhaps nationally or internationally. So I think the climate here is really good for small business start ups, small business growth and development,” said Evans

Evans also added that the mission of the organization is to  help start, grow and innovate businesses.

“We can assist business owners with actually executing the organizational kinds of things. Where do you go to register a corporation or LLC. We can assists them with those kinds of things,” said Evans.

The Better Business Bureau is focused on improving trust between businesses and customers. For example, there are workshops centered on how to navigate social media for better brand marketing.

“Social media has become a primary way of getting your name out there and telling your story as a small business,” said Jessica Tharp, President of BBB.

In this workshop, members get to learn about how to use each social media outlet properly.

“Then there’s instagram and twitter and they way you manage each of  those different medias, matters in a small business. So take advantage of the tools that we have to offer and it’s going to help you,” said Tharp. 

The small business development center is a free service and its for anyone interested in starting a business.

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