The Umbrella Project: How you can help Trewyn School students receive rain gear for when they walk to school

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PEORIA, Ill.–Principal of Trewyn Middle School Renee Andrews is finding a way to make sure her students get to school.

Many school kids have to walk to get to Trewyn Middle School in Peoria, and with the very snowy winter and wet spring we just had, Andrews says she had to think of a way to make sure kids got to school safely and are able to pay attention in class.

We looked back at how many rainy days we’ve had, how many snow days we’ve had, and our numbers, sometimes we’ve had upwards of 100 kids absent a day when it rains. And so I thought that an incentive and a booster may not be enough to get them here, so I just thought up ‘what if we do the umbrella project?’ and ask for community members to support us as we try to get our kids to come to school and provide them with umbrellas, socks, because feet get wet when you’re walking to school. So they can come and get a pair of dry socks once they arrive.”

Renee Andrews | Principal of Trewyn Middle School

Snow and rain kept many students who have to walk to school out of the classrooms. Andrews says many community members are coming to the children’s aid to ensure they get to class safely.

“I created a Trewyn school Facebook page and put this story out there, this project we wanted to do, and the very next day PDC Services came and donated 75 fantastic umbrellas to our school,” Andrews said.

Currently Trewyn has received 100 umbrellas from the community. Andrews says the school plans to have 450 students this fall.

If you’d like to donate umbrellas, you can head to Trewyn’s Facebook page. Or call the school at 309-672-6500.

You can also donate other rain gear such as ponchos, rain boots, and socks.

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