The Weedy Garden: A family-owned strawberry patch grows fresh, ripe strawberries for guests to enjoy

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The Weedy Garden in Dunlap is family-owned by the Marshalls.

It’s been opened for four years, and they’re going on their fifth. Every year they expand with 10-20 rows of strawberries.

Each row is lined with hundreds of strawberries for guests to pick and enjoy.

Rachel Marshall and her husband Josh keep customers up to date through word of mouth and social media.

My husband has a Facebook page, he posts on it every night what our hours will be the next day. Sometimes we let them sit a couple days and let them ripen up a little bit, but he updates it daily. The following on that has grown immensely.”

Rachel Marshall | Owner: The Weedy Garden

Rachel says The Weedy Garden, being family-owned is a great place for families to come and enjoy some fresh produce.

We do like to keep the small, intimate atmosphere because families like to come and have a good time out here. We don’t spray our berries, so that draws a lot of people out here too.”

Rachel Marshall

Brynley Marshall and her brothers walked us around the strawberry patch Wednesday. Brynley says she loves how her friends can come and hangout at the fields.

“There’s so many families coming, sometimes we see our friends and our teachers. It’s just fun to see everyone come out and pick.”

Brynley Marshall | Family owns The Weedy Garden

When you come to The Weedy Garden it’s like you’re shopping for a fresh Christmas tree, except in this case you’re shopping for some fresh strawberries. And when you get to pick one yourself, you get to make memories that last.

When you find that big, red, juicy strawberry and then you taste it, they taste a lot better than what you’re gonna find a grocery store. A lot of people come to us and say ‘your strawberries are so good how do you get them to taste so good?’ well, it’s just the difference of fresh produce out in a field versus what you’re gonna buy in a grocery store.”

Rachel Marshall

As we reported last week, the wet weather from this spring has impacted some central Illinois strawberry fields negatively, but Marshall says the rain helped the Weedy Garden have a successful crop.

“Our strawberry crop this year has been amazing, we’ve had so many good strawberries out there this year so it’s actually worked out in our favor this year,” Marshall said.

Rachel Marshall

Although strawberry season is coming to an end, the Marshalls are looking forward to a very successful year next year.

You can find more information about dates and times on The Weedy Garden’s Facebook page.

The strawberry fields are located at 13215 N Bland Rd. Dunlap, Illinois.

The Weedy Garden will be wrapping up its strawberry season this week. It will be open on Thursday morning from 7:00-11:00 a.m.

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