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This is the last straw

CENTRAL ILLINOIS - "We are all connected," says Karen Zuckerman, Sun Foundation chair. "We are all one big system. And we don't think about that because we are so small and we aren't' close to the ocean."

When we dispose of plastic items incorrectly, that's going to impact places around the world.

"All of that debris goes right into the river," says Zuckerman. "And of course the Illinois flows into the Mississippi, and the Mississippi flow into the Gulf and things end up in the ocean."

And most people don't know the impact plastic pollution has on animals.

"There will be more plastic in the ocean than there are the number of fish," says Zuckerman. "When they find them, they think they're a food source like the plastic bags appear to be jellyfish for sea turtles."

So that's why people are deciding to make a change. Local restaurants have heard about the plastic pollution problem and have stopped automatically giving straws to customers.

"We were reading the different things about trying to help the environment and little changes that you can make that might help have a bigger impact," says Amy Eid, marketing director at One World.

From buying reusable straws to picking up plastic off the ground, there's a lot you can do to the combat the issue. 

"We would like to be able to have an impact on what we do," says Zuckerman.

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