This year’s harvest is tough on farmers who still have plenty of product in the ground

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PEORIA COUNTY, Ill — Farmers face another week of bad weather which could put a halt on harvest.

The atmosphere just keeps throwing a wrench into farmers’ lives. Although snow might not be on your mind just yet, there’s a chance we will some of it before Friday which will further delay farm work. A few local farmers tell me, they wish they could forget about this year’s harvest.

First, historic spring rains.
Next, the summer was a bit too dry.
Now fall is taking a toll on harvest operations across Central Illinois.
Farmer Ross Pauli says there’s still a lot to get done and the clock is ticking.

“So far, I have 20 percent of my corn harvested, and 50 percent of my soybeans, which is behind an average year, a normal year,” said Ross Pauli, farmer.

But Pauli says his yields are better than expected.

“The yield was very good, it was as good as last year on that one corn field, but that was April planted. My June corn I think will be 50 bushels, probably less per acre,” said Pauli.

Pauli says his soybean yields were also considered good, but farmers will pay the costs for wet crops.

“Farmers really don’t have a choice but to harvest it wet, this year, and they are gonna have to pay the drying cost for extra propane or lp to dry the corn down,” said Patrick Kirchhofer, manager of Peoria Co. Farm Bureau.

Manager of Peoria County Farm Bureau, Patrick Kirchhofer, says this year’s harvest will take patience.

“Farming is a challenge, it always has been. Farmers, they adjust to what the weather is, and of course it is frustrating with the late harvest, it adds more stress to farmers and the farmer’s community,” said Kirchhofer.

“On a normal year, usually I’m done on Halloween, the end of October or first of November. This year, the way it’s looking and this week doesn’t look like a good harvest week, I’m hoping to be done around Thanksgiving, but it all depends on the weather,” said Pauli.

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