CHILLICOTHE, Ill. — Thousands of people filled the Three Sisters Park on the last day of Summer Camp Festival, Sunday.

Allyce Carlson, a camp counselor, said she traveled all the way from Colorado to attend and work at the festival. She said she comes back every year because of the energy Summer Camp brings.

“Everyone is their authentic, genuine self here. There’s no hiding who you are or how bright you want to shine, you can do it here,” said Carlson.

Many organizations set up camp at the festival to offer lifestyle skills to the community.

One nonprofit organization, Headcount, traveled from New York to help people register to vote.

Events and Partnerships manager, Sophie Webb said they registered close to 100 people to vote and helped more than 500 people double check if they were registered.

“A lot of people don’t know how to register, they don’t know that they have to update their address every time they move and it can be really hard to navigate state websites or DMV but by bringing it to a place where people are already at and young people already here we just make it easy” said Webb.

She said the weekend has been great for their team.

“We love a lot of the bands that are here, some of them are supporting artists partners of ours,” said Webb.

Carlson said aside from the music, Summer Camp offers a lot for people to enjoy.

“The community aspect and the sustainability programs, the art and all of it just makes it such a homey place to be,” said Carlson.