Three local charities could benefit from the Frevert Family Farm

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Close to 1,000 acres of high-quality farmland are expected to turn into millions of dollars in donations for three twin city organizations.

The Frevert Family Farm contains exactly 932 acres of land near Stanford. C.B. Frevert was the last owner of the land but he died last year.

There were no direct heirs for C.B. Frevert, so in his trust he stated the land should be sold and the proceeds of the purchase be sent to Home Sweet Home Ministries, The Salvation Army and Illinois Wesleyan University.

“This is really history in the making,” said Don Meyer, the auctioneer for Tuesday’s event. “The fact that there are 12 different farm units being sold all at one time, that doesn’t happen very often. The quality of the land in those 12 is very unusual to have this good of a collection.”

Meyer will be leading tomorrow’s auction. He and realty broker Jeff Lee say this land is really an art collection because of how well its been taken care.

C.B. Frevert graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University with a degree in music and their portion of the money will be going to their School of Music. He and his mother were also generous donors to the Salvation Army and Home Sweet Home Ministries and they too will be receiving a portion.

All in all Tuesday’s auction could give as much as $3 million to $4 million to each of the three organizations.

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