Three local families race against the clock to win $1,000 in Hy-Vee’s ‘Basket Bolt’ competition

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Three Central Illinois families had the chance to race against the clock for as many grocery items as possible to win some fast cash.

Peoria’s Grand Prairie Hy-Vee hosted its first “Basket Bolt” in Central Illinois. Three families were chosen at random from the hundreds that entered the sweepstakes.

Each family had just 60 seconds to fill up grocery baskets with as many items as possible. The family with the most items at the end won the grand prize of $1,000.

Josh Fisher, Communications Manager at Hy-Vee, explained the rules to the participating families.

“The most items is going to be the winner,” Fisher said. “There are some limitations, it’s three of each item that you can grab. There’s certain areas that are off limits in the store. No beverages, produce is off, you can’t go to the pharmacy and whatnot.”

The family that came in third place with 46 items total was the Dismangs. Competitors included Samantha Tomsovic, Eli Benja, Niko Tisdale, and Tyler Dismang.

For the runner-up position, the Jacksons totaled 76 items. Team members were Amy, Makaylia, Makenzia, and Deshaun Jackson.

Winning the 2021 “Basket Bolt” was the Beatty family. Amanda Norsworthy, Zach Abrego, Tiffany Abrego, and Tyler Beatty collected 99 items.

“It went super fast,” Norsworthy said. “When they were counting down, down to the 20 seconds, I was like ‘wait a minute I don’t have enough.’ So it was super fast. I cannot believe we got 99 items. We were just going for small items and just trying to go as super fast as we could.”

The Beatty family said they would split the earnings and use them to throw a family party.

All participating families got to keep the grocery items they collected.

The “Basket Bolt” competition began in September 2020 as part of National Family Meals Month. About six other Hy-Vee locations will hold a “Basket Bolt” this spring.

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