PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — With snow and frigid temps in the forecast, many are stocking up on supplies at Nena’s Hardware in Peoria.

Store Clerk Justin Trulock said the hardware store has been slammed all day.

“People have been coming in to get salt, we’ve been very busy. Shovels have been flying off the shelves, there’s no more left upstairs,” he said.

Store Manager Douglas Hausem agreed.

“We’ve been selling a lot of shovels, ice melt, snow blowers, scrapers,” said Hausem. “Yesterday was a lot busier. Normally this time of year is a little slower. People aren’t doing home projects and relaxing during the holidays.”

Hausem said the store is running low on snow blowers, especially the battery-powered ones. They have just three or four battery-powered snow blowers left in stock.

“I’d say that’s the biggest uptick this year,” he said.

Lynne Jalovec of Peoria was shopping for a sturdy shovel in anticipation of the snow.

“[If] you don’t pick up stuff now, we’re never gonna get it. It’s gonna fly off the shelves here quick,” she said.

She said she is also making sure her home is ready for the snow.

“I’m making sure that my furnace is working, that I’ve had it checked out. Things like that, because you don’t want that to go out right now,” she said.

Hausem said it is a good idea to pre-treat sidewalks and driveways with salt.

“[Otherwise] it’s just going to make it harder for you, you’re gonna shovel harder. The ice is gonna be there, you might have to grab an ice scraper… It’s gonna make it harder on your back and your lungs,” he said.

With the bitter cold on the way, Hausem recommended putting frost tape around house pipes.

“Pipes burst every year and that’s just another added problem. You put insulation around your pipes, and that just gives it a little bit of electric current and keeps the pipes from freezing,” he said.