Tips you should know when combating this allergy season

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PEORIA, Ill. — Budding flowers and warm temperatures are what we have been waiting for, but with those comes allergies…

One of the most important things to note this season is, even if you have not experienced allergy symptoms there are preventative measures you can take.  

Symptoms include coughing, sneezing, headaches and trouble sleeping. Allergy expert, Dr. Stephen Smart M.D. says you can do things like keeping the windows closed to prevent pollen from blowing in. Also, it’s recommended that you take a shower before you go to bed because pollen that might have stuck on your hair, may be transfered  on to your bed.

Remember to be proactive in treating yourself becasue although it may seem like your typical allergy season flare up there could be much more going on.

“They might be allowing something more serious to brew behind the scenes…” said Smart. “…like asthma, much of asthma is actually an allergic bronchitis. They (people) might say “oh, its just my allergies” but its actually a lung disease where there’s inflammation in the lungs and there can be a serious problem. Sometimes it manifests as only a cough.”

Smart went on to says if you are experiencing trouble breathing and chronic headaches you should visit an allergist.

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