NORMAL, Ill. — Starting January 1, recreational marijuana will be legal across the state. So starting immediately Normal town leaders will be exploring where it can and cannot be sold.

City Manager Pam Reece anticipates, in the next two weeks, the council will place on its agenda regulations for companies that are looking to sell the drug. 

Reece says marijuana sales  will reflect the laws that are in place for alcohol, meaning town staff will look at proximity of residential areas, schools and churches.

“There also is some additional legislation concerting applying a sales tax associated with cannabis sales,” said Reece. “We will be talking with city council on whether any draft ordinance we present to them should include that tax as well.”

The legislation allowing the sale of marijuana has left the distribution decision up to municipalities, meaning city’s, villages and towns have the final say on whether they want to allow their community to do so.

Reece says unlike some neighboring cities, she does not anticipate the town of normal prohibiting the sale of marijuana.