WASHINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — The Washington City Council approved the next part of the Trails Edge Neighborhood proposal during their city council meeting Monday.

Washington council approved the proposal with four alderpersons voting in support of the proposal, two against, and two abstaining. Lilija Stevens and John Blundy voted against the proposal. Brett Adams and Todd Yoder abstained.

With the proposal approved, developers will be able to bring more housing to the Trails Edge neighborhood. The proposal will connect Stephanie Court and Debates Street, and bring 37 lots: 22 of those being single-family and 15 being duplexes. 

Some Washington residents did not approve of the proposal.

“For so many of us residents of this subdivision, I feel like we’ve been flat out lied to,” homeowner, Gary Michael McIntyre said.

Residents shared their concerns about several issues, including the expansion’s potential impact on traffic, added issues with the drainage system, and flooding levels. 

“The money to fix these issues will not be coming from the developer. They will not just be coming from the residents of Trails Edge. They will be coming from all the residents in the city of Washington,” McIntyre said.

Austin Engineering developer, Sam LaHood said they were adhering to all of the subdivision’s codes.

“All city subdivision code, we adhered to it. And in the case of drainage, we’re going above and beyond by finding additional detention that was not required. That’s just us providing that,” LaHood said.

City staffers claim the proposed plat meets “all city subdivision and zoning code requirements” and that “all construction plans are reviewed by the city engineer and must conform with the drainage regulations in the city code.” 

“I understand how they feel,” said Washington Mayor Gary Manier. “So, unfortunately, the landowner has rights as well. So, unfortunately, it turned out that hopefully a couple years down the road people look back and say, ‘It’s really not that bad.'”

Manier said he believes construction will starts this summer, but that timeline is up to the developer. 

More information about the proposal is available on the city website.