PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Monday morning crews cleared tree limbs around Peoria after Sunday night’s round of severe storms in Central Illinois.

“They’ve been working kind of continuously throughout the morning, late last night clearing up,” said Peoria Department of Public Works Communications Specialist Nick McMillion.

Peoria resident Brian Medendorp said despite the large limbs right outside his doorstep, he thankfully hasn’t seen any major damage to his home.

“The wind must have been so strong, you can see the big tree behind me, that it blew it over the house, over the garage, and it landed in the yard. So, I think, I hope, that fortunately, we don’t have any roof damage,” said Medendorp.

Tree limbs and even some powerlines were down in spots around town.

The Knolls neighborhood, the residences outside of Peoria Stadium, and even along Gale Avenue, where the Peoria Fire Department’s Fire House 13 is, weren’t spared.

“There’s a slight damage along with this. We got a hole in the roof so we’re assuming that when the tree fell it punctured a hole in the roof and it’s kind of leaking on in the fire house,” said Peoria Fire Department Division Chief Of Operations Tony Cummings.”

“We will not hinder any operations that we have going on with the fire house. So, everything is still going to function the way we’re supposed to be doing,” said Cummings.

And for those in need of branch removal, now is the time to move some of those larger limbs to the curb.

“So, with the crews that we have out and about right now. If we’re in your area and they have got stuff, they can send it to the curb for right now and we’ll pick it up and large pieces like that. And then smaller pieces will be on regular yard waste pick up days,” said McMillion.