PEORIA, Ill., — With excessive heat in the forecast several people are looking for ways to stay cool, especially tree workers.

Bennett and Sons Tree Service employees have a job to do regardless of the temperature, but they take appropriate measures to make sure they are safe.

Vitamin B-12 is one supplement workers use in the heat. It’s a tablet that helps keep the body functioning correctly.

Workers also wear, dry-wicking clothing, attire made of a material that keeps them cooler.

When I was a young guy I used to wear jeans and I quit doing that…After I started wearing pants that would dry quickly and the shirts dry-wicking shirts, you know, huge difference.

Greg Bennett, Bennett and Sons Tree Service

Bennett said he makes sure that his employees take breaks and stressed that their health is most important.

“You got a guy that can go into heat stroke, you got a guy that can get overheated, you know we just try to keep an eye out for each other make sure were okay. [A] little while ago guys were getting hot, I told them take a break, take a lunch, go take it easy,” he said.